Love Letters explores surviving grief and loss by sharing the author's bereavement over his wife's death from ovarian cancer and the enduring presence of his love for her.

Living with loss, loneliness and confusion often follows the death of a loved one—even when grieving with awareness.

Love Letters - Reflections on Living With Loss
by Andris A. Baltins

Winner, 2008 Nautilus Book Awards - world-changing books

Winner, 2008 Nautilus Book Award
for world-changing books

Syren Book Company, Minneapolis: 2007, 304 pp.
Paperback (5-3/8 x8-1/4) with flaps: $16.95

ISBN 0-929636-70-8 / 978-0-929636

Grief & Loss / Self-Help

Profound loneliness and confusion often follow the death of a loved one. Author Andris A. Baltins unexpectedly lost Nancy—his best friend, childhood sweetheart, wife, and the mother of their children—to ovarian cancer. These letters to Nancy following her death share an intimate story of recovery from loss and the enduring presence of love.

Baltins felt called to write the book as a necessary process of working through her death, and what he was to make of himself after she had gone. Many of the author’s experiences—particularly some of the rituals—can be of benefit to others and his wish is to share them with a larger audience who find themselves in the unthinkable situation of having lost a life-partner or someone very close to them.

All author proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to continue the charitable works of Nancy Baltins.

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"Beginning with his profound introduction and through 39 letters to his deceased wife,
Andris Baltins faces readers against his dark wall of grief.
But instead of despair in sharing his intimate story of loss,
Baltins transcends the wall, exposing the love that remains long past physical death."

Connie Mears, "Transmuting the Darkness" New Age Retailer